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Milgard Bay & Bow Windows

If you’re ready for a window replacement but wish you were adding a little more room instead, there’s a way you can do both. Bay or bow windows bring a lot more natural light indoors, while the outward-protruding glass makes any room feel larger and more spacious.

Unique Bay Windows by Milgard

Bay windows differ slightly in design from bow. Milgard, a great American window manufacturer located in Washington state, defines their bay windows as a series of three windows framed together to form a jutting expanse from the home. While the central window is typically a stationary picture window, the side panes can be nearly any window of your choosing - even a combination of windows. Some examples they give are of a central picture window flanked by two narrower picture windows, two casement windows or four awning windows (one atop another to the left with the same pattern on the right). These different combination options give the bay window various looks, features and purposes, depending on the needs and wants of the homeowner. Bay windows can be designed for views, spaciousness, ventilation or a combination of all three.

Milgard Bow Windows

Milgard bow windows are fairly similar, except that they generally consist of many more windows framed together for a curved effect. A bow window can become extremely wide for a dramatic effect on both the interior and exterior of the room it expands out from. Again, the series of windows strung together to make up a bow window can vary, depending on the desires of the homeowner. Typically, the central windows of a bow are fixed, while side or corner windows open up for ventilation. They can, however, all be fixed if you’d like. Flanking the bow with casements and awning windows are the most common choice for better ventilation.

Depending on how you choose to design your bay or bow window, Milgard provides a multitude of options, including hardware, interior trim finishes and exterior colors. The bay and bow windows are available in vinyl or fiberglass.

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