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Champion Garden Windows

If you’ve got a green thumb, or have someone under your roof who does, garden windows are a dream come true. Champion Windows, a solid American window manufacturer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers garden windows for the home with the same high quality that consumers have come to expect of the popular brand name.

Garden windows look like glass boxes that extend from your home out into the sunshine. Though they’re most commonly seen in the kitchen, homeowners can enjoy them in any room.

So why purchase these miniature greenhouses?

  • Garden windows offer more natural light and warmth for your plants.
  • They often have a shelf inside to house more plants (or you can remove it for taller flora).
  • Side panels open out for better ventilation in the room and nice, natural breeze for your green friends.
  • The laminated base and shelf help protect wooden elements in the window from any plant- watering moisture.

Champion garden windows are available in various exterior colors to match your home’s trim work. The company’s signature Energy Star-qualified Comfort 365® glass saves you money on energy bills, helps to prevent fading of nearby objects and fabrics in the room, and blocks most harmful UV rays.

As with any product, there are disadvantages as well. The garden window is very attractive from the inside, but can be a bit conspicuous from the outside as it juts from the home’s exterior finish. A bay or bow window can provide shelf space for houseplants, while offering a larger expanse of glass for natural light inside and a subtle bump-out design on the exterior. By comparison, the bay & bow windows are much more elegant in appearance, but also offer less ventilation and a much higher price tag than a garden window. Of course, there’s hardly ever room for bay & bow windows over the kitchen sink, so a garden window is a nice way to take in scenic views while washing up after dinner.

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