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Atrium Special Shape Windows

Years of high-quality window construction have put Atrium at the top of the list of American window manufacturers. Their company is North America’s largest manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows and doors. Their acquisition-eager business growth strategy and multiple brands now give them a reach unparalleled by all other window producers.

One of Atrium’s window styles is special shape windows. These custom-ordered windows add unique accents to otherwise mundane architecture and bring the light and beauty of the outdoors into places where it’s needed most.

Window Shapes

  • Quarter
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Arch-top
  • Full circle
  • Oval
  • Half-circle
  • Pitched-top
  • Dome
  • Picture

Window Styles

Atrium’s specialty windows are produced under the Ambassador brand. They utilize lightweight, durable aluminum, and are precision-engineered to create a practical, high-performance window.

Single-Hung Standard Window Features

  • Window construction is lightweight and durable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Maintenance-free aluminum
  • Aluminum frame and sash are precision-cut and assembled for weather-resistant effectiveness
  • 5/8” insulating glass provides thermal efficiency
  • Sloped sill for easy water run-off
  • Straight-leg jamb assembly for ease of installation
  • 1-3/8” nail-fin setback allows brick veneer construction

Custom Window Options

    Decorative 9/16” grid available on select styles

    Glass options: Bronze Tint, Clear, Gray Tint, Low-E Glass, Low-E Glass with Argon, Obscure-Rain, Rainfall, Tempered, Tinted and Turtle Glass

Window Colors

  • White
  • Dark Brown
  • Beige

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