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Atrium Hopper Windows

Atrium Companies, Inc., a Dallas-based window and door manufacturer, has a lot to offer the remodeling homeowner. Atrium vinyl windows, including the hopper window model, are warrantied for life and manufactured with energy efficient technology.

Atrium Energy Efficiency

The Atrium hopper window comes with a low-e argon-insulated glass that can be tinted during manufacturing. The glass and frame construction are Energy Star-rated for superior performance and energy bill savings. Additionally, Atrium states that their glass is “self-cleaning” and needs only minimum maintenance.

Where Should I Position the Hopper Window?

The hopper window is most commonly used in basement applications, where it’s placed high on the wall and tilts inward from the top for maximum ventilation. Hoppers can also enhance the look and functionality of other window models through installation alongside bow and bay windows, multi-paned picture windows and garden windows. Alone or in conjunction with other windows, the Atrium hopper is an efficient addition to the home.

Superior Construction

One concern surrounding the hopper window is that of inferior hardware - it could potentially allow an intruder to break in through the basement and enter the home. Atrium has answered this with their stainless steel hardware that they maintain will keep unwanted trespassers out, as well as prevent cold outside air from leaking into the room when the window is closed. The Atrium hopper frame is built with solid vinyl construction, keeping the frame from fading or changing in color due to exposure to the sun over time.

Color Selection

To give homeowners a wider selection, Atrium hopper windows come in three different exterior colors: white, earthtone and safari brown. The current trend in vinyl windows is a white frame finish, but some homeowners prefer the outer frames to match or complement their home’s exterior color theme. By selecting a tan or brown finish, the hopper window blends more successfully into the home’s exterior shell and won’t be such a stark contrast.

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