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Alside Glass Options

It is important that window manufacturers develop products with attention to detail. The small things—condensation, cleaning, sneaky drafts, edges of the window—are all critical components that affect a window’s efficiency, attractiveness and ease of operation. Alside, with over 50 years of experience pleasing customers, offers just this level of attention to detail.

Alside realizes that glass is one of the most critical components of a window’s construction. Thus, they offer options for customizing and enhancing a window’s appearance by means of glass options. These options also improve a window’s efficiency, offer additional protection and conserve energy.


Tired of cleaning windows? Why not buy windows that actually clean themselves? Though it sounds fanciful, Alside’s SunClean™ technology actually uses the sun’s rays to preserve clean-free, spot-free and streak-free windows all the time. The technology uses a special coating that helps water spread when it comes into contact with the window. This prevents water from beading up on windows as it normally does. When water spreads across the surface if the window, it keeps the dirt from concentrating into spots. The second component of the SunClean technology uses UV rays from the sun to break down dirt and decompose organic matter, which then fall away from the window.

Energy Efficient Glass Packages

Windows, as the thinnest part of your home’s walls, are at the highest risk for temperature and weather infiltration. Choosing windows with built-in features for energy efficiency is a choice that pays for itself. All of Alside’s energy efficient options are Energy Star qualified.

    ClimaTech® is a high-performance glass system that combines three levels of energy efficiency.

  • Solarban® 60 Low-E glass (from PPG) blocks the sun’s long-wave radiation, preventing heat build-up. In the winter, Solarban 60 retains the heat inside the house.
  • Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer (from PPG) creates a warm space along the edge of the window. Ensuring that this space stays insulated keeps the window from a build-up of condensation and protects the temperature integrity of the entire window.
  • Argon Gas is a standard enhancement with ClimaTech windows. This gas, which is safe for your home, is sealed between the two panes and creates an insulating power, wielding a protection for the fiercest extremes of cold and heat. It even helps block unwanted outside noise.
    ClimaTech® Plus includes all three of the above features, and in addition, uses an enhanced form of the warm edge spacing technology. The patented structural foam used in the insulating process is claimed to offer the highest level of efficiency of any warm-edge spacing system.

    Low-E Glass, which stands for low-emissivity, is an energy-efficient glass style that uses Solarban 60 and additional technology to ensure a safe and efficient manner of protecting your home from the cold or the heat of the outdoors. Low-E glass actually serves to block the heat of sun’s rays on the outside and protect the warmth of your furnace’s heat from escaping on the inside.

  • Saves energy costs
  • Reduces the damaging impact of the sun on furniture, flooring and window treatments

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