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The Many Advantages of Full Glass Sunrooms

Full glass sunrooms maximize the amount of glass (windows) in the room’s design. Typically, windows reach from floor to ceiling on all three exposed sides of the sunroom. The roof is usually of standard framing, although in some cases the roof itself may be all glass or have openings for skylights. All windows in a full glass sunroom should be made with tempered safety glass (check local building codes as well) to prevent shattering.

Many full glass sunrooms are three-season rooms, meaning that they are not connected to the home’s HVAC system and therefore usually go unused during the winter months. Insulated glass is available, however, (along with other design specifications) to create a comfortable living environment year round.

Partial sunrooms, on the other hand, utilize knee walls or otherwise break up the continuity of the glass. Sunrooms in general are advantageous for several reasons: they are cheaper than most other additions, offer an excellent way to experience natural light and the outdoors without battling the conditions, and in many cases, offer a high rate of return.

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