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Sunroom Materials

If you ask a child what the biggest part of a sunroom is, they’ll tell you it’s the sun. So sunrooms are kind of like soup bowls. Sure, the bowl may be hand-painted ceramic, but the most important ingredient is the soup.

Yet as adults, we know that sunrooms and their inherent warmth are merely results achieved by the consortium of materials used to collect solar heat. What a bunch of smarty pants!

All windows aside, be they glass, plastic or simply screens, there are three primary materials used to create sunrooms:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

Each has their own advantages. Wood, for example, has an inherent insulation value and strength that are key for four-season sunrooms. On the other hand, vinyl is the most popular sunroom material because it too is sturdy and insulating, but also extremely low-maintenance and relatively inexpensive.

The main goal of all sunrooms is essentially the same - to create an outdoor yet indoor space. But the people inhabiting them are anything but uniform. Some want a space to relax or socialize. Others want a space to be creative and artistic. Some will use the sunroom yearround, others just on summer evenings. All these variables must factor into your selection of materials.

The next section of our Calfinder library will explore all three sunroom materials and their specific pros & cons. Study up!

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