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Sunroom Contractors

If you opt to purchase a do-it-yourself sunroom kit, it’s important to know that these

kits are normally to be added to the top of an existing deck or patio.

If you want to have a sunroom added to your house such that your wall line, roof line, heating and cooling systems will be

altered, you will need to hire a sunroom contractor who will adhere to local building codes and laws.

Once you have entertained competing quotes from contractors, it goes without saying

that if you are going to hire a contractor to install a sunroom (or any other remodeling or building job)

you need someone who is licensed, bonded/insured and fully qualified to do the job.

(CalFinder’s contractors are always pre-screened for all of these important factors.)

Here are some important questions that will help you to determine the qualifications of a potential sunroom contractor:

  1. Can you see a physical example of the sunroom that you are considering?
  2. If not, are there satisfied customers who are will be to contacted as references?
  3. How detailed a quote can the contractor five you? Can he delineate the costs so that you have a basis upon which to compare them to other companies?
  4. Does the quote include a warranty or guarantee? What specifically does it cover and for how long?
  5. Is the contractor willing to specify the types and grades of materials?
  6. Does he use energy efficient materials so that you will save in energy costs in the long run?
  7. What level of quality materials will he use (to determine how long they will last before requiring replacement.)

By gathering all of this information, you will be well prepared to make the best choice of sunroom contractors or builders for your needs.

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