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Solar Roof Tiles

As solar technology continues along an upward trend of advancement, the outcome is solar equipment that better suits the public’s demand for more eye-pleasing devices and increased utility. Solar roof tiles meet both these needs, offering an alternative to the bulkier solar panel. Unlike solar panels, solar roof tiles interlock to existing roof tiles without screws. This means that no additional roof framing or roof penetration is required.

Like solar panels, solar roof tiles utilize photovoltaic technology to transfer sunlight into electricity. Solar roof tiles are connected to each other via MC or other suitable connector type used in photovoltaics. The average power range for shingles is 50 watts.

Solar roof tiles are favored for their seamless look that fits into the shape of roof. They scale easily to meet various size needs. Individual tiles can be replaced without removing surrounding material. In addition, solar roof tiles add a layer of insulation that protects the roof from UV exposure and weather damage, extending the life of the roof by up to 30 years and reducing heating and cooling costs.

The shingles weigh about 2.5 lbs per square ft. and are typically blue in color. One module replaces about five standard concrete tiles. They are durable and easy to maintain. Solar roof tiles are made by companies such as Sharp Electronics, PowerLight, and General Electric.

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