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RV Solar Panels

Solar energy

can be found anywhere the sun shines. You can even collect it on the open road

with portable solar equipment. Often configured with little or no wiring, solar panels for the RV just need to be installed and plugged in and can cost under $1000. More expensive systems consist

of more numerous panels that can power a microwave.

The wattage

capacity for RV solar typically ranges from 50 to 110 watts. They can power

appliances directly or be plugged into a battery. Depending on the size and

capacity of the solar panel, an RV class system usually powers a few small

appliances at a time. You can use RV solar panels to run audio/video equipment,

laptops, and other items.

The panels

sit on the roof of the RV, absorbing and converting sunlight into useable

electricity as you drive. Having a solar panel equipped with your RV ensures

that you will have a backup power system anywhere you land, even while camping

in remote areas.

RV solar

panels are also a great alternative to generators that run on oil, gasoline, or

natural gas. A panel can generate up to 300 watts of free and clean power,

without all the noise of a fossil fuel burning generator. After storing the

solar energy in a battery, an inverter converts the direct current into AC

power to run your appliances. A controller helps keep your battery running at

full capacity without overcharging.



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