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Solar Pool Heaters

Aside from the initial cost of the equipment, solar pool heaters cost nothing to operate because they run completely on free solar energy. The premise is this: the sun heats water located in a collector, and this warm water is pumped back into the pool, increasing its overall temperature.

Solar pool heaters will work as long as there is daylight: this means that they still function on cloudy days. Of course, in direct sunlight, they are that much stronger. If you live in an area where gloomy days prevail, you may want to install extra solar panels on your collector to increase your solar pool heater’s strength. Whatever climate they’re installed in, solar pool heaters are the most cost-effective use of solar energy out there.

The following equipment is needed to run a solar pool heater:

  • A solar collector. Usually located on the roof, a solar collector is heated by the sun, thereby heating the pool water filtered through it. Most collectors are unglazed, which means they don’t have a glass covering. Generally made of rubber or plastic treated with a UV light inhibitor to extend the life of the panels, unglazed collectors are cheaper in price than glazed collectors. Glazed collectors are used where temperatures reach freezing, and generally consist of a glass covering on an aluminum plate.
  • A filter. This removes debris before water is pumped through the collector
  • A pump. This circulates water through the collector and back into the pool.
  • A flow control valve. This diverts water through the collector when the temperature there is warmer than that in the pool. Otherwise, the filtered water goes back to the pool.

Because most heat loss in a swimming pool is due to evaporation, a solar pool heater used in conjunction with a solar pool cover since will garner the most natural heat. Once you’ve decided on a system, contact one of our certified installers to get all the equipment up and running.

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