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Siding Colors

Once you’ve chosen a siding material, the next step is to select just the right color or color combination that will add a dramatic impact to your home. The idea is to stay within the boundaries of your home’s architectural style. Each style comes with a range of tones and siding types that will guide your final color selection.

Take into consideration your home’s unchangeable colors, like the color of your roof, masonry, or stone siding, and coordinate accordingly. Warm-toned roofs and masonry suggest browns, yellows, olive green and dark red. Cool-toned stationary colors look great with blue, slate, grass green and white. If your roof is gray or black, you can create almost any color scheme beneath it.

Also remember that daylight affects color. If your house is in a sunny, open location, the color will seem brighter and more vivid than the samples.

On the contrary, if your house is well-shaded, the color will appear darker. You may want to go one or two shades darker if your locale is sunny, or a shade lighter if your house is tucked away.

Below you’ll find color schemes by architectural styles. Have fun brainstorming!

Arts & Crafts Siding Colors

Arts and craft siding colors

For your Arts & Crafts bungalow, use earth tones. The richer and more saturated, the better. Think golden oak, wine red, stone gray, dark brown and deep sea green. Wood shingle siding looks absolutely amazing on these homes.

Spanish Revival Bungalow Siding

Spanish siding colors

Influenced by Spanish Colonial architecture, these homes feature bright white stucco siding, red ceramic tile roofs, and a low-walled front patio. Trim is not a staple of Spanish Revival homes, but decorative ornamentation around the windows adds uniqueness to the exterior.

Modern Siding Colors

Modern siding colors

Siding for homes built after 2000 can be a hodgepodge of materials and color tones. These colors include beige, avocado green, harvest gold, battleship gray, and coral. Think neutral and earthy. Most of these colors are available in vinyl, fiber cement, stone, and stone veneer sidings.

Victorian Siding Colors

Victorian siding colors

Siding colors for Victorian homes are rich, matte versions of organic tones. Reds, for example, range from dusty rose to terra-cotta and dark brown. Scalloped shingle siding is the hallmark of Victorian exteriors.

Colonial Siding Colors

Colonial Siding Colors

Colonials skyrocketed in popularity throughout the 1920s. The range of colors is subtle and mature: white, pale yellow, teal blue, forest green, and charcoal gray. Trim colors are almost always white.

Federal & Georgian Siding Colors

Georgian Federal siding colors

Federal and Georgian houses are the picture of sophistication in American real estate. Siding colors typically showcase clean whites, brick-reds, natural stones, gold, pewter, and slate, with white trim. A punch of bold color goes a long way in these exteriors.

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