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Vytec Siding

Vytec began doing
business in 1962 in Ontario, Canada and has become a leading
manufacturer of top quality, innovative, vinyl siding products. The
company’s approach to siding is unique in the industry, in that
they approach it as a precision product.

Vytec designs,
formulates and precision-engineers their products to meet or exceed
the highest standards in the industry; the company is one of a few
siding manufacturers to satisfy the requirements of both the
Underwriter’s Laboratories® and the Vinyl Siding Institute. Vytec
manufactures its panels to a precise thickness of .044 inches, every

Vytec is currently
promoting its two new super premium product lines – Expressions
and Yukon Board. Expressions is its new line of five siding colors
that include Redwood, Smokestone, Shoreline, Harbour and Forest in
three different profiles.

The company’s
Posilok® locking system holds panels securely, while allowing
expansion and contraction in changing weather. Yukon Board
Performance Insulated Siding from Vytec combines the benefits of
high-performance siding with the energy efficiency of foam
insulation. With this line of siding, the two materials are
mechanically attached to create a protective shield around your home.

Its other product lines
include Wellington Square and Nantucket (Good), Proside (Better), and
Prestige (Best). Vytec’s Web site has handy comparison
and selection guides
and details about its different
, finishes
and textures
, colors,
and accessories. The Web site also features a glossary
of terms
, unlike many other manufacturers of siding.

Vytec identifies four
reasons why one would install vinyl siding: 1. Prepare a home for
resale, 2. Update the look of a home, 3. Incorporate a recent
addition, and 4. Reduce future maintenance.

Another feature of the
Web site is a page called Siding
Made Simple
, where each important topic about siding
is described in detail and explained. It covers Vytec’s Locking
System, the nailing hem, panel thickness and rigidity, finish and
profile, panel projection, formulation and chemistry, windload
pressure and color quality.

When it comes to vinyl siding, there are a multitude of manufacturers to choose from. Vytec sets itself apart by offering precisely measured products that leave no room for error. Here’s more information about the vinyl siding options from Vytec.


On average, vinyl siding costs from $2-$7 for professional installation. To get a cost estimate for your own home, request a quote from a licensed installer near you.


Vytec designs, formulates, and precision-engineers their products to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.

Their vinyl siding is manufactured to an exact thickness of .044 inches every time.

Vytec’s Posilok locking system holds panels securely, while allowing expansion and contraction in changing weather.


Not all homeowners appreciate the look and feel of vinyl siding on a home.


Vinyl is one of the most durable siding materials on the market, and Vytec siding is no different. It should last the lifetime of the home without peeling or flaking.


Vytec vinyl siding is extremely easy to care for and only requires periodic cleaning. Use a car brush and cleaning solution of 1/3 cup laundry detergent, 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate, and 1 gallon of water to scrub tougher stains. For lighter dirt, just rinse the siding with a garden hose or pressure washer.

Common Questions and Answers

Does Vytec offer a warranty on their vinyl siding products?

Yes, Vytec ensures that its vinyl siding products will not “peel, flake, blister or corrode under normal and proper use” for the lifetime of the home. While the original owner is covered under the lifetime warranty, subsequent owners receive a prorated 50

What are the product lines that Vytec offers and what sets them apart from other siding products?

Vytec’s product lines include Expressions, Yukon Board Performance, Wellington Square and Nantucket, Proside, and Prestige. While all are excellent siding options, the Yukon Board Performance line is step above because of its insulation qualities. The si


Vytec began doing business in 1962 in Orlando, Canada and has since become a leading manufacturer of top-quality, innovative vinyl siding products.

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