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Napco Siding

Napco Vinyl and Metal
Exterior Products manufactures an extensive product portfolio of
offerings, including a number of product lines of vinyl siding. These
product lines include:

features a natural cedar emboss and low-gloss
finish in three profiles, four unique and rustic colors, and fourteen
original hues. Manufactured with superior durability and strength,
American Splendor provides consistent color with Napco’s color
extrusion technology that ensures an exterior free from chipping,
pealing or flaking. American Splendor also features the RigiTuck
rolled-over nail hem to enable it to withstand severe weather
conditions and winds up to 210 mph. Its patented Xact-Fit locking
system ensures a secure fit and consistent installation. American
Splendor never needs painting, is virtually maintenance free and
offers a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty to enhance resale

Splendor XL
is the seam-reducing product in 25 ft.
lengths that features twelve original hues and a variety of options,
and all of the features found in the American Splendor product line.

features a deep emboss and low-gloss finish,
four distinctive profiles, fourteen classic colors, or to make a bold
statement, five rich, dark colors from the company’s Signature
Series color collection with ASA resin for superior color hold. As
with the American Splendor line, American Herald never needs
painting, is virtually maintenance free and offers a resale enhancing
Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

features brushed cedar emboss with an ultra,
low-gloss finish, three distinctive profiles and thirteen traditional
colors. American
offers wood emboss with
low-gloss finish, four distinctive profiles and thirteen stylish
colors. American
76 Beaded
provides hand-crafted, unique full-bead
styling in twelve designer colors. American
Accents Board & Batten
features seamless
application, brushed cedar emboss with low-gloss finish and eight
traditional colors with excellent color retention. Each of these
product lines has its own unique features, designed for specific
siding applications.

Napco Vinyl and Metal Exterior Products boasts an extensive product portfolio, including a number of lines of vinyl siding. With these lines comes a variety of color and style options that could fit any home in any part of the country. Here’s what you need to know.


Vinyl siding costs, on average, $2 to $7 per square foot with professional installation. For an accurate cost estimate, you can get a price quote in your area by clicking here.


Napco siding comes in a variety of colors that won’t fade or chip over time.

Withstands severe weather conditions and winds up to 210 mph.

Virtually maintenance-free.



Napco siding is made to withstand the elements—even in the most extreme cases. They offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty to back their products as well.


In addition to being durable, Napco siding is also very easy to maintain. If rainwater hasn’t rinsed your siding to your satisfaction, you can simply spray the area with a garden hose. For tougher dirt and grime, use a cleaning solution of soap and water.

Common Questions and Answers

What are the differences between Napco’s different product lines?

Napco offers four main product lines. Here is a breakdown of their attributes:

  • American Splendor: This product line features a natural cedar emboss and low-gloss finish in three profiles, four unique colors, and 14 o


Napco was formed in the early 1960s, when three separate companies joined to form the National Aluminum Products Company.

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