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Alcoa Siding

Home Exteriors, which includes its aluminum and vinyl siding
products, has been a division of Ply Gem Industries, Inc. since 2006.
Ply Gem is based in Kearney, Missouri. But the name Alcoa is still
used because it is such a well-known brand name. Alcoa bases their business philosophy on the fact that consumers are interested in product performance,
low maintenance, workmanship and warranties.

offers four performance categories of siding product lines: Super
Premium, Premium, Standard and Economy. Each of its siding products
is broken down on its Web
, according to 12 styles,
the four performance categories already mentioned, 53 colors and 25
specific brands. In addition to Alcoa, Alcoa Home Exterior is the
corporate umbrella for two other manufacturers: Mastic and Cellwood.

to Alcoa, the vinyl siding share of the market has approximately
doubled in the last decade while traditional wood materials are on a
marked downswing
. The company also asserts that vinyl siding is the
most preferred material overall in both new construction and

Alcoa Home Exteriors Web site has a very useful feature
that helps the consumer to understand the various terms used in the
siding industry. It matches up siding, soffit, fascia and trim and
more to ensure that you can talk intelligently with your siding
contractor both before and after the installation of new siding

company also has a guide to the many possible Designer Accents,
including cedar shakes and shingles, moldings, window and door
casings, corner posts, mounts and vents, and window, door and garage
mantels. Each of these is linked with specific product details and
information about whether they are made available at pro centers or
retail centers.

with other siding manufacturers, Alcoa’s Web site provides a
handy Design Center that allows the consumer to select product and
view how it would look on a certain style of house, and to select
different colors for comparisons.

Alcoa Home Exteriors, which includes aluminum and vinyl siding products, has adopted the name Mastic Home Exteriors. They focus on keeping the same attention to detail and quality. Here’s some more information about this long-standing company.


On average, vinyl siding should cost from $1 (for the DIY variety) to $7 (for professional installation). This can vary depending on the materials used and the price of labor. Get a few price quotes from local installers to learn more.


Alcoa siding is strong and durable.

Requires very little maintenance.

Comes in several different style and color options.



Alcoa siding is very durable and should last for the lifetime of your home—with a warranty to back that claim. This siding also won’t chip or peel after installation.


Like most other vinyl siding brands, caring for Alcoa siding is easy. Simply spray down the exterior of the home with a power washer or garden hose, and scrub with a cleaning solution of dishwashing detergent and water if needed.

Common Questions and Answers

What types of siding products does Alcoa/Mastic offer?

They currently offer an impressive 15 different products, including: cedar hand-split shakes, cedar half-round shakes, EPS insulated siding, a vinyl siding with the look of wood, and board and batten siding.

What type of warranty comes with the siding?

Alcoa/Mastic offers a Registered VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers any defects in the product for as long as the original owner lives in the home, or for up to 50 years after the date of installation for any subsequent homeowner.


Mastic joined the Alcoa family in 1989, after which point both companies operated under the name Alcoa Home Exteriors. In 2009 the company changed their name to Mastic Home Exteriors, the name they operate under today.

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