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Roofing Terminology

If you imagine the exterior of your house as a suit of armor, the roof would most certainly be the helmet, perhaps the breastplate as well. That is to say that the roof is the first line of defense against falling rain and debris. It is the roof that holds everything together, as best it can, during earthquakes and other natural disasters. It is a complex, vital, and heavily engineered system that affects everything from the foundation to the weathervane.

This section of the CalFinder Remodeling Library will be your guide through the extensive terminology that encapsulates the roofing puzzle. This includes everything from shingles to gables to eaves and gutters. You may even learn a little math as we discuss the importance of roof pitch and the importance of eaves in protecting against the sharp angles of hot summer sunlight.

The roof is an amazingly complex part of the overall home structure and one full to the gills with terminology. Here at CalFinder we hope the following information will be of great use to you, a reference for a full understanding of the proverbial helmet that keeps our heads dry every night.

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