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Rubber Roofing

When looking for a roofing material

that is leak-proof and environment friendly, consider rubber. The advantages of

rubber roofing over more traditional roofing materials lies in durability,

energy efficiency, and the fact that it is made from recycled

materials. Adding to these positive aspects is low maintenance, flexibility,

and light weight.

There are two types of rubber roofing, and both carry their own

specific advantages.

Whole Roof: Rubber

roofs can be installed by the square, with a square often covering up to 100 square

feet. They are custom made in the

factory to fit to your particular house. They are a little expensive, but given

the advantage of being seamless and leak proof, they are worth having. This

type of roofing is especially ideal for flat roofs, as they do not have the

ability to drain properly and most roofs can be covered in only two or three

squares. At this time, they are carrying a life expectancy of 40+ years.

Shingled Roof: Rubber roof shingles look like traditional shingles

but have the advantages of being a synthetic material. They easier to handle

because they are light weight, easily transported, can be formed and shaped

with simple slices of a utility knife, and can be installed with a nail gun or

adhesive. Because these shingles are installed similarly to wooden or asphalt

shingles, they do require the expertise of a professional roofer to ensure

proper work.

Although rubber roofing materials

are very durable, this type of material is not indestructible. The material

will expand and contract with weather and over time can rip or tear. However,

rubber roof repairs can be done by the homeowner, unlike many traditional type

materials, by using a special tape or liquid rubber, much like repairing the tube

of a tire.

Although rubber roofing is still a

new product on the market, do consider it for your roofing project and make

sure you hire a qualified roofer who is familiar with this type of product

before installing.

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