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Fiberglass Roofing

Whether you are looking into re-roofing

your house, putting on a patio roof, or building a greenhouse, fiberglass

roofing materials could be the answer to what you are looking for to meet your


Strength and Flexibility

Fiberglass roofing offers

flexibility, malleability, and versatility that can match almost any type or style of

roofing. It is usually bought in sheets or panels made of synthetically

produced fine glass fibers. Panels are glazed, providing a superior

waterproofing seal and a tough, durable membrane to your roof’s structure. Fiberglass

is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals, is shatterproof, and will not

rust, rot, or mildew.

Color and Installation

Fiberglass comes in an endless

variety of colors that are dyed all the way through. With so many sizes and

designs, fiberglass can imitate slate or tile and create a distinct pattern

unique to your roof. Fiberglass is very easy to install due to

its light weight. It requires little maintenance and is much cheaper than other

types of roof paneling, yet it has a life expectancy of about 30 years.

Types of fiberglass roofing

Corrugated fiberglass roofing can be purchased in a heavy duty form

that withstands high winds, heavy snow, and extreme outdoor temperatures. With

interlocking between sheets, this type provides good water run-off. Choose this

type of roofing depending on your style and the design of your roof. If you

choose a transparent color, you can look right through the material to the sky.

Perfect for skylights

or just letting the starts shine through. These panels are also perfect for the

greenhouse or the patio.

Asphalt shingles are the traditional fiberglass type roofing used

today. Architectural or laminated shingles are made of multiple layers of fiberglass.

This type can be used to create the appearance of wood or slate while being

much cheaper than actual wood and slate.

The designs and possibilities of

use for fiberglass roofing are improving constantly. Research your

possibilities on the Internet and you may find that fiberglass is the best

choice for your roof.

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