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Copper Roofing

In 1727, the Old Christ Church in Philadelphia received a copper roof. Copper

roofing dates back even further, to the Romans, proof that the material is

versatile and long lived.

Today, copper

is growing in popularity, mostly with commercial businesses. Homeowners often

choose it as a stylish and beautiful addition to their home’s architecture. Copper

roofing is regarded as a classical and elegant addition to any home, whether it’s

for a full roof or just an accent for domes, spires, or bay windows.

Some enduring qualities of copper:

  • Resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for property in close proximity to water
  • Lightweight, not needing much in the way of supporting structure
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Natural warmth in color and in a short period of time (5 to 15 years), a protective green patina develops
  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Completely fire resistant
  • Can be produced in either seams or sheet forms for roofing and can be shaped and bent to fit most any roof and style
  • Easily installed by a professional roofer
  • Available in tile, shingle, slate, shake, or standing seam applications

Although copper is considered a

high-end product, the cost becomes reasonable when considering its lifelong

durability, the added value to your home, energy efficiency, and

eco-friendliness. If you are looking for a special accent to your homes style,

consider copper roofing.

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