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Bamboo Roofing

As the need to find and use eco-friendly alternatives for building supplies increases, the search for new technology and natural products increase as well. Although bamboo is not new in its use for building, it is fairly new outside of Asia. Bamboo has long been used in tropical climates for its structural integrity and resistance to the elements. Since bamboo is not a wood, but rather a grass, it is not susceptible to many of the problems of wood, such as termites, rot, shrinkage, swelling, or warping, making it a favorable choice for roofing material.

As a roofing material, it is traditionally used as a shingle or tile, interlocking the split stalks in a Roman tile fashion. Although this type of roofing would do well and look good on a gazebo in the garden, it doesn’t go well with most styles of housing in the Northern Hemisphere. But be assured that solutions are being created each day. There is now a product called Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets (BMCS).

BMCS is an excellent alternative to other chemical, iron, plastic, or zinc corrugated roofing sheets. It is all-natural, attractive, durable, and resilient to the most adverse of weather conditions. Because bamboo is naturally light, so are the sheets and they will not buckle as metal would, nor will they rust or fade, although they will deepen in color over time.

Some other qualities of BMCS:

  • Fire Retardant
  • Fungus Proof
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • High Flash Point
  • Renewable and Sustainable Resource
  • Easy Installation
  • Costs Comparable To Traditional Materials

BMCS is basically a composite material, providing great insulation from heat, cold and noise. It can be used on most any roof type or house style. Being a fairly new product, its lifetime warranty is not fully established, but bamboo as a building material, has proven itself to have a very long, durable life.

If you are among the growing numbers of homeowners looking for more environmentally safe products and products that save your pocketbook in energy savings, examine the possibilities of bamboo. Many of the same properties that make bamboo such a great roofing material are also the same reasons you might consider it for other remodeling uses, such as paneling, siding, and flooring.

Be sure to work with professional roofer that is familiar with this relatively unknown, but old material: bamboo.

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