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Aluminum Roofing

If you need to replace your roof,

maybe sooner than you expected, it could be from the less than adequate

materials that were previously used. Aluminum is a sustainable building material,

with unparalleled ability to withstand snow and ice, sun and fire, hail and

wind. Not being susceptible to damaging effects of nature, aluminum

roofing can last a lifetime.

How sustainable is aluminum?


  • Will outlast most other types of roofing and withstand most anything nature can throw at your roof.
  • Is not only lightweight and strong, it is energy efficient because it is solar reflective.
  • Helps to keep your house cooler during the summer, contributing to a greener earth by using less energy and saving you money.
  • Does not need frequent roof repairs and costly replacements that are associated with many other roofing materials, saving even more for your pocketbook.
  • Is completely recyclable and can be installed directly over those asphalt shingles you probably have now, reducing the amount of shingles in landfills.
  • Will not split, dry, rot, crack, or become home for insects. Nor will it mold or mildew, curl, or support moss and fungus.
  • Does not rust, making this type of roofing ideal for coastal environments.
  • Is malleable and available in a wide variety of detailed designs and a wider variety of colors, creating a functional and attractive roof for your home.

So if you are finding that you need

to replace your roof sooner than expected, take a good look at metal

roofing, especially aluminum.

A qualified roofing

contractor can guide you in choices and costs for installation.

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