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Tuscan Style Says “Welcome”

For more of that Mediterranean flavor, let’s put the spotlight on Tuscan style decor. The ancient Romans moved to the intoxicating hills of Italy to get away from the city and embrace the beauty of nature. Which one of us doesn’t sit in our own office and day dream a similar vision of escape? This style in your home will make coming home a place of sanctuary.

Tuscan style decorating is rustic, warm, and very inviting. Natural materials like sandstone, limestone, and marble are used in flooring, arches, and pillars and in decorative details as well. Envision rough plaster walls with rustic beamed ceilings.  Windows are bare to let in the beautiful natural lighting of sunrise and sunset. Outdoor spaces are important, making the popularity of outdoor rooms very practical in this style. Water elements fit right into this style very well with water fountains and potted plants, marble statues and terra cotta pathways gracing a central courtyard.

Tuscan colors are inspired by nature surrounding the countryside.  Imagine golden pears, turquoise lakes, orange and red hibiscus flowers, ripe green olives, aged stucco walls, and of course, burgundy red wine in crystal glasses. Shades of gold and orange ranging from burnt terra cotta to rusty darker shades of ironwork are found on floors and furnishings. Accent colors of tomato red, cobalt blue, olive green, and golden sunflower yellow are found in ceramic works of art and tiles.

The furniture is usually of straight and simple lines made from local woods. Pieces are a combination of wood and upholstery, mostly dark leathers. Large, heavy hardwoods comprise cupboards, armoires, and chests used for dishes, linens, and clothes. Accents and accessories of tile, wrought iron, and marble create wall hangings, sconces, light fixtures, statuettes, and vases.

A favorite room for this style is the kitchen. All elements can be used here, keeping the room and dining room open and airy. Hang pots from wrought iron fixtures. Use beautiful tiles on floors and as backwashes. Use marble on countertops.

With the entire warmth and welcoming atmosphere this style has to offer, you can make the Tuscan style your sanctuary from a hard day’s work, as did the Romans of ancient times.

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