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Old World Decor Ideas

Old World Style has it’s origins in Europe’s Gothic and Renaissance periods of the 16th and 17th centuries. These were times of fantasies, myths, and legends of dragons and fair maidens in need of rescue. Although this style can be a little pricey, there are ways to keep to a budget and still get the look you want. Do some research, know where to shop, be creative, and always look for good deals. Here are some possibilities:

Structural elements

  • Keep architectural elements exposed, like ceiling beams.
  • Carry the design through with rustic, arched doorways and windows.
  • Use natural materials like limestone and tile.
  • Use distressed and matte finishes rather than polished surfaces on walls and floors.


  • Genuine antiques and artifacts will increase the realism of the look.
  • Metal work and wrought iron pieces add to the timelessness of this style.
  • Furnishings should be dark stained with carved framing in chairs and sofas, covered in rich dark brocade fabrics.
  • Pieces are often large and heavy; take this into account for space and floor plans.


  • Resist using any contemporary style lighting. Instead, use amber colors for shades and iron fixtures over silver or brass.
  • Stained glass lamps work well.
  • Lighting is usually darker and candles add to the effect.
  • Heavy brass candle holders and candelabras are excellent choices for candle lighting.

Window Coverings

  • Windows’ coverings should be of heavy drapery material, like brocades or velvets offset with neutral colored sheers.
  • Add to the effect by using iron rods to drape material over and tie back with braided cording.

Wall Tapestries

  • Rugs should be rich in texture and again, use dark colors to match color on walls, furnishings, and window coverings.
  • :
  • Faux furs for throw rugs, especially in the bedrooms, are excellent money savers over tapestry types of rugs.

There are many fun and exciting ways to accent your Old World décor. Explore the options and create your fantasy of romantic, bygone eras.

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