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Modern Makeovers

Modern style is back and going strong. While called modern, the style got its start in the 30’s and, at first glance, it probably looks old-fashioned.

Modern is a term that can fit any time period; it really is what you make of it. The key is a clean, uncluttered space with functionality and room for personality. This is an ideal style for apartment and city living. It’s also easy on the budget.

Much like contemporary style, modern style uses clean lines and includes strong geometric shapes and asymmetrical elements. Use polished surfaces with granite and metals in kitchens and concrete, linoleum and wood for floorings. Keep colors neutral with tone-on-tone color schemes. Walls should be white, unless you want to make a focal point of one wall in a room, which can be a nice, bold, lacquered color.

Focus on angular and geometric shapes. Artwork and accessories are important, exhibiting striking forms to make a bold statement. With that in mind, set a focal point to each room, drawing the eye to that piece or area. To do this, keep the surrounding décor small and simple, accenting the main focal point. Plants can make great focal points as well as one particular piece of artwork or piece of furniture. For example, think triangles. Often framed photos are scattered on walls, mostly haphazardly. With modern style, you can take those photos and place them in a triangle. Anyone entering the room will be drawn to the photos, not even realizing that they are arranged in a triangular shape. You can cluster other things into shapes as well, small items like art, accessories on a table or display pieces on a book shelf. The eye will follow.

A modern-style house generally has expansive windows to bring the outdoors indoors. To keep that effect, keep the windows unadorned. Try using window treatments that expose the top half of your window to the outside, like bottom-up pleated shades or blinds. Consult a good decorator for help with measuring, ordering and installing of these treatments; it is worth the cost.

With furniture, look for pieces that are simple; simple in color like aqua or magenta, but not loud. Modern furniture pieces have a boxy design with tight corners and few cushions. Keep the pieces small, enough to fit a few people, but not large like a sectional might be. Less is better in this case.

Try combining smooth surfaces – wood or linoleum floors over carpets; metal and glass tables over carved styles; or metal cabinets and granite counter tops over wood molded. Browse through the remodeling pictures for the endless possibilities.

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