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Eclectic—A Palette of Color and Style

Eclectic…what is that? It is combining a variety of sources, styles, or elements, bringing periods and styles together through color, texture, shape, and finish in much the same way a painter’s palette brings a beautiful painting together.

Colors on your eclectic palette can be varied with reds, gold, creams, and browns. Use neutral colors to tie elements of the room together. Look for a multitude of fabrics in pattern and texture. Choose a color scheme and then stick with a neutral grounding color, like brown, adding around it your palette of other colors with fabrics and accessories.

When choosing furniture, consider the lines, finishes, and material of the pieces you have in mind and how you will combine them. Are they painted or do they have a roughed-up finish? Are they made of fabric or are they more refined? A combination of finishes and textures sets an eclectic style apart, but you must combine them in a way that suits you.

Painting your furniture is a good way to bring the room together and keep it grounded. Pieces can be different and unmatched in style, but they become cohesive through a neutral, grounded color. Those slipcovers with matching curtains can bring unity to the room as well. Don’t like the painted look? Staining those mismatched pieces works, too, and going from light wood to dark is easiest. If all of this sounds good without sounding fun, use a professional to do the job.

Accessories add the flare to your décor. This is where the room really speaks “you.” All those pieces you have collected through the years can now be used, no matter what style they may be. An Asian style screen in the corner or dividing the room sections, a modern, three legged standing lamp on one side of your contemporary sofa, a smaller, tropical style, stained glass table lamp – most anything goes.

The key here is to maintain your neutrals for grounding and your colors to build the whole design picture. This is the perfect style for your first apartment, your first home, or just to make the statement, “this is me.”

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