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Remodeling Styles

What is Your Remodeling and Decorating Style?

Instead of selling and doing the whole moving thing, you’ve decided to make a change or two to your existing home. With small or big changes alike, you will quickly discover that all the possibilities may feel overwhelming. With so much available on the market for home decorating, you could easily consume hours upon hours just browsing through decorating books and magazines or watching the airwaves for ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Consider these few things first and save yourself time and energy, especially if you are excited about getting started.

Decide just what your decorating style is. Knowing the style you want to use will guide you in focusing on your likes and dislikes and how to use the elements that will achieve the look of the room, expressing your unique taste. Start by asking yourself a few important questions.

  • What are my favorite colors?
  • How does light come into this room?
  • What is the function of this room or space?
  • What pieces of furniture do I really want to keep; what do I really want to be rid of?
  • What personal items must be here (pictures, art, heirlooms, etc.)?

Once you have settled on the answers, start exploring how some of these elements will complement each other. For instance, do you tend to lean towards simple, uncluttered space with neutral coloring and geometric designs for texture? You might consider exploring a Contemporary Style room. What if you want to keep what you have, yet want it to fit and blend in comfortably? Take a look at Eclectic Style. Here you can mix a little Asian Style with some Modern and still be “you.” However you feel about your choices, you will want to capture your personal tastes and interests.

If you haven’t yet found your particular style or might be uncertain as to how to proceed in pulling it all together, check out our all our articles on decorating styles below. Then, when it is all said and done, relax and enjoy!

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