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Types of Wood Panel Ceilings

Are you searching for a unique way to add some character to your ceilings or to possibly hide outdated texture or a blemish? Adding a decorative material such as wood paneling or tin is a quick and easy fix.

Wood paneling comes manufactured in natural wood, wood veneers, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and high density fiberboard (HDF).

  • Solid Wood- Solid wood ceilings can be installed as tongue and groove panels or as planks. Both can be stained to your desired color and will bring a custom touch to a room.
  • Wood Veneer- Wood veneers typically have a MDF core with a thin sheet of wood as an overlay. This product will be less expensive than solid wood, and can still look beautiful.
  • MDF- Medium density fiberboard is one of most affordable forms of wood paneling. Composed of many small wood waste particles glued and compressed together with resins, it is less expensive to manufacture. Consumers like MDF products not only for their affordability, but also because they are smooth, blemish-free, and easier to maintain than solid wood.
  • HDF- High Definition fiberboard is a very similar product to MDF, except that it is stronger.
  • Plywood- Plywood paneling comes in various decorative designs such as this plybead from Georgia Pacific.
  • You have the option of either staining or painting wood paneling. The solid woods and wood veneers look best stained or sealed. This creates a more natural or rustic feel, while causing the paneling to draw the eye and to stand-out more. MDF and HDF typically come pre-primed and can only be painted.

    Wood paneling provides many design options. Set-it-off by framing the ceiling with decorative crown molding or creating designs within the ceiling with moldings. Request free estimates from prescreened drywall contractors in your area to update your ceiling.

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