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Spice Things Up with a Stucco Ceiling

When you think of a stucco finish, you normally picture it in terms of an exterior product. Although this is true, it can also be used in interior applications. The popcorn finishes of the sixties were referred to as stucco, but the stucco of today is far more attractive and modern.

Interior Stucco

Interior stucco is a hard and durable form of plaster that adds a thick, protective layer to a wall or ceiling. It can be troweled or sprayed to create different designs, and then painted any color imaginable. Because of its more unique application and design, it does require greater skill to achieve a nice appearance.

Texture and Technique

You can also create the stucco look through a faux technique. To accomplish this, mix up two different shades of tinted drywall taping compound. Using a trowel and design squeegee, apply the two shades in alternating patterns over each other onto the wall. Rearrange them to meet the desired appearance you are trying to create. Remember, you can always scrape it off and start over as long as you do it before it dries. Seal the stucco with a polyurethane sealant.

There is another, more elegant form of interior stucco referred to as Tobias Stucco. As shown in these images, it can be a beautiful alternative to traditional paint and plaster. Available in several colors, it brings an unusual texture and appearance that will set your home apart from other designs.

Stucco Ceilings

Ceilings pose a difficult design area. All too often, we tend to just paint it a neutral color and settle for the easy way out. For design purposes, however, the ceiling provides a great opportunity to really spice-up a room and to bring an unexpected custom look. Stucco is an easy way to bring style to a ceiling without a lot of effort or expense. Consider the various options for ceiling design for your home, and then request free estimates from prescreened drywall or painting contractors in your area.

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