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Drop Ceilings Create a Custom Look and Are Functional, Too

Much attention is given to vaulted and raised ceilings, but in some cases, a dropped ceiling is more desirable. Maybe it is something you want for the basement, or a custom look you’d like to add to another room. Either way, the following suggestions will help you to create a dropped ceiling.

Working in the Basement

If you are finishing a basement ceiling, there is a good chance you are working around plumbing, ducting, and electrical. The best way to hide all of these unsightly necessities is through the use of a dropped ceiling. First, frame-in a new ceiling below all of the items. This provides a surface for you to attach the drywall too. It is recommended to insulate between the two ceilings for better sound and energy control. Because it is a lower story, you may want to use a soundproof drywall. Paperless drywall would also be recommended because of the moist nature of a basement. Tape, plaster, primer, and finish just as you would any other wall.

Installing a Regular Drop Ceiling

Outside the basement, a dropped ceiling can be used to create more of a cozy feeling, such as in a bedroom nook, or to portion off a section of a room for a different purpose, such as between the dining room and the kitchen. Here again, the dropped ceiling is accomplished through framing-in a second ceiling below the first. It is not as important to insulate this space, but it will be more energy efficient if you do.

Be sure to move any electrical or plumbing needed below before you enclose the space with. Attach the drywall of your choice and finish as usual.

If you would like to create a dropped ceiling in your home, then request the assistance of a skilled prescreened remodeling contractor for optimum quality.

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