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Wood Moldings, a Long-Time Favorite

Moldings are used to trim out a room and to bring interest and design to an otherwise plain interior. These decorative moldings can be installed around windows, along the floor, and around the ceiling. When used around the ceiling, it is referred to as “crown molding.” Crown moldings are manufactured in many different materials, but a longtime favorite has always been wood.

The Natural Appearance of Wood

Wood moldings can be made out of solid wood or be a wood veneer over an imitation core. Wood trims have a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. It always looks natural, and has a more quality appearance than MDF, plastic, or polyurethane.

Many Different Finishes

Wood moldings come pre-primed or natural, allowing you to finish it in whatever way you choose. Many homeowners prefer to stain and seal the wood to highlight its natural beauty, and to create a striking contrast between the painted walls and the rich tones of the wood.

Selection and Installation

Wood is more prone to warping and twisting than other materials. When shopping for your molding, it pays to hand-pick each piece. Eye it carefully, looking for any imperfections. Before installing, stain or paint the trim your desired color. It is easier to do this before it is attached to the wall. Pre-drill all holes to prevent the wood from splitting. After the wood is installed, fill any holes, seams, or gaps between the drywall and molding with wood putty. Allow to dry, and then seal the wood with a quality sealer to reduce warping and fading with age.

Wood moldings can be used in any room throughout your house. Although not waterproof, it will do better in a bathroom than MDF. More expensive than some of the imitation varieties, it has a more solid appearance, and is still quite affordable. Request free estimates today from prescreened contractors in your area to install eye-catching crown molding within your home.

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