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Plastic Crown Molding Installation and Recommended Uses

Crown molding is the trim that is installed between the ceiling and the top of the walls. It can be decorative, hide blemishes, or used to give a room a larger appearance. It is manufactured in many materials, and one of those is plastic. The following article discusses the pros and cons of plastic as well as the applications for it.

Plastic moldings

Plastic moldings are made out of PVC or a polymer resin blend. They can be bent and molded to fit almost any curve; they can be painted or stained, and are even made to imitate a wood grain.


When installing plastic moldings, be sure the material has been at room temperature for a couple of hours. This is to ensure its flexibility and prevent any cracking. Pre-drill any holes, and apply your first coat of paint or stain. Attach with a very thin coat of adhesive such as bondo, and then insert finish nails into the pre-drilled holes. Fill the holes and seams with an all-purpose caulk, and then touch-up paint where needed.


As demonstrated in this gallery, plastic moldings can be used in any location. They work especially well wrapping curved arches or around a stairway. They also can be used in exterior applications or in more moist locations such as a bathroom or basement.

Moldings and trims are an excellent way to spice-up both the interior and exterior of a building. You can keep it simple with simple designs, or add elegant custom touches such as rosettes and columns. Everyone loves the look of moldings, and you can’t go wrong by installing some in your home. Despite how it easy it may appear, installing molding is no simple task. You can buy very expensive material, and if the installer is not skilled, the project can be a catastrophe. Be sure to only hire a very skilled finished contractor to install your moldings. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area.

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