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Use Plaster Crown Molding to Dress Up Your Interior Design

There are many ways to dress-up your interior design, whether through decorative paneling, faux painting techniques, or wallpaper. One beautiful accessory that complements any design is the addition of moldings.

Moldings are the trims that are installed on the interior of a house. There are baseboard moldings, chair-rail moldings, various decorative moldings, and crown moldings. Crown moldings are normally installed around the edges of a where the wall meets the ceiling.

Crown Molding Materials

Crown moldings come in many different designs, materials, and styles. Molding material can be plastic, wood, wood veneer, plaster, or MDF. Each material works well, but certain types are more suited for different homes and budgets. Wood is a well-rounded option that can be painted or stained, but is a more labor intensive product. MDF and plastic are both very affordable and fit well in all homes. Plaster is more of a custom product, but can still be used in any home.

Plastic, Simple or Elaborate

Plaster molding comes pre-manufactured, or you can have it custom created specifically for your home. Plaster moldings can be simple and basic, but tend to be more elegant and elaborate designs. Because this molding is created by pouring the wet plaster into molds, there are more opportunities for variation in design. Newly developed manufacturing techniques allow for this product to be produced more affordably, making it a reasonable choice for any home.


Plaster moldings are a beautiful addition to any home. The installation is important, as the product is expensive and susceptible to breaking. The installer should carefully patch and fill any holes with additional plaster, and then sand any rough spots to complete the look of seamless beauty. Request free estimates from a skilled finish contractor in your area to install or repair your new plaster moldings.

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