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Crown Molding Options Add a Touch of Class

Are you looking for a way to bring some style and sophistication to your home? Moldings can be used in any room to bring appeal and a touch of class. Crown molding is one of the most commonly chosen moldings, and well worth the investment.

Crown molding is installed where the walls meet the ceiling. It is specially designed to fit snugly, creating a custom edge. As a consumer, you have many choices in what type of material your crown molding is made out of.

  • Plaster. A beautiful product, but one you should be prepared to pay for. Both the material and labor are costly, and the material is custom made to order for each individual project. If you have a high-end home and want to add an elegant touch, plaster is the right choice for you.
  • Solid Wood. Solid wood moldings are a great choice for any home. The wood gives the design a clean, quality look; and it can either be stained or painted. Wood is not the cheapest molding choice, but is still affordable. It works well in any room, but especially in rooms with more moisture, where MDF is not recommended.
  • Medium Density Fiber board (MDF). Probably the most affordable molding option, MDF makes decorative molding a realistic option for every homeowner. Easy to install, it also comes primed, making painting a breeze.
  • Polyurethane. Another great alternative to wood, polyurethane molding can be used in any room, and is more resistant to mold and insect problems than wood. Also an affordable option.
  • PVC. This is probably the best choice for bathrooms and areas of high moisture. The plastic is durable and not as susceptible to moisture problems as wood, MDF, and polyurethane. It can be also be used outdoors. One drawback is the limited amount of design options in this material.
  • Flex. Made out of a rubbery material, flex works wonderfully for arches and other curved edges. More expensive than other materials, it must be special ordered.
  • Polystyrene. A very inexpensive choice, this material is foam-like in consistency, and only requires scissors to cut. It is very easy to install, simply glue into place with a special adhesive. Definitely not a look of quality, but works as a quick-fix.

Moldings come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and thicknesses. Choose from elegantand ornate to simple and clean lines. Installation is very important to the finish appearance. The corners must be carefully mitered to fit together as seamlessly as possible. Request free estimates from pre-screened remodeling contractors in your area today to skillfully install your new molding.

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