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Painted Base Molding, the Popular Choice in Trim

Molding is the term used to refer to interior trims. These trims can take on several forms, and are generally separated into four categories: crown molding, chair-rail molding, base molding, and accent pieces. Base molding, or baseboard, is a very important element for your interior design.

Base moldings come manufactured in wood, wood veneer, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and plastic. The moldings can be painted, stained, or come pre-finished.

Painted Moldings for All Flooring Types

What baseboard you select has a lot to do with the flooring in your home. Many homeowners who have wood floors prefer to have stained baseboard that matches their flooring. They may even use the same wood for window trims and crown molding to add more interest to the room. However, it is more common to install painted molding. Painted moldings can be used in combination with all flooring types, and provide a clean transition between the flooring and the wall.

Selection and Installation

When selecting your base molding, there are many different attractive designs to choose from. Because you intend to paint it, you are not restricted to only wood options. MDF is a more affordable choice that can be used in most rooms throughout your home. It comes pre-primed, and is not susceptible to warping as wood is.

If using real wood for your baseboard, it is recommended to first prime and then paint before installing. If using MDF or plastic, only a coat of paint is necessary. Install the base molding, and then fill any holes, seams, or gaps with all-purpose caulking. After the caulking has dried, apply touch-up paint.

Installing base molding is not as difficult as crown molding, but still requires skill for an attractive appearance. Request free estimates from prescreened finish contractors in your area to ensure your base molding is installed as perfectly as possible.

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