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Walkway Pavers

Pavers can be used for various applications, in both commercial and residential constructions such as driveways, patios, terraces, balconies, courtyards, surrounding the pool, garden paths, walkways and more.

Pavers have become so popular for use around the house and gardens, due to the increasing varieties available on the market today. There are hundreds of colors and shades available in pavers, as well as, shapes, designs and sizes.

Paved walkways are often employed in areas where people have worn a track in a lawn, often from the garage to the front or back door. Pavers in the form of walkways add beauty and elegance as well as value to your property.

Walkway Advantages

Paver walkways are versatile, durable, long lasting and heavy duty. Walkways provide practical guidance to your visitors, offering a safe direction around your property. Paver lights provide extra safety at night. They are safe, slip resistant and easy to maintain with sweeping and washing. Walkway pavers also make for a cleaner environment by keeping muddy footprints from inside the house.

Installation of Walkway Pavers

Paving stones are fairly easy to install however are very very heavy. If your thinking about installing them yourselves, you might want to think again. You can get a free estimate with no hassle and no obligation from our professional paving contractors.

Walkway Materials

Some of the materials utilized for walkways include natural stone pavers, concrete and precast concrete pavers, and brick and clay pavers. Common natural stone pavers include limestone, sandstone, cobblestone, slate, granite, flagstone, porphyry, marble, and cantera.

Walkway Applications

The common applications for walkways include from the street or driveway to the entrance of your home, along your garden, and around your pool or to create your patio. Read more about patio pavers and driveway pavers.

Sidewalk Pavers

Sidewalks provide pedestrians with a safe place to walk near traffic and their design and materials are important. The sidewalk varies in size from four feet to six feet wide. Due to their smooth and durable surface, the most common sidewalk materials are concrete slabs and pavers. Engraved pavers are often used as fund raisers to pay tribute to contributors to a university, museum or other public or private institution.

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