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Types of Running Bond Patterns

The running bond pattern is the most common and traditional of paver laying patterns. Running bond patterns are most applicable to brickwork, cobblestones and other pavers with uniform dimensions. This pattern is ideal for patios and walkways, where pedestrian traffic is the only concern. For driveways, which must stand up to regular vehicle traffic, patterns such as herringbone are best because the loads are better transferred between pavers.

There are three main types of running bond patterns:

Stack Bond

The stack bond is the simplest. The name will make more sense if you picture a brick wall built upward by simply stacking bricks on top of each other in a straight line. Now transfer that image to your patio or walkway. The stack bond creates uniformed “stacked” lines both vertically and horizontally.

Stack bonds have a few advantages. For one, the simplicity of the design inherently minimizes any cutting. Secondly, stack bonds are the strongest when it comes to foot traffic. Pavers can also be placed at 45-degree angles for a touch of style and interest.

1/3 Running Bond

This is simply a 1/3 variation on the stack bond. That is to say that each paver, and subsequently each row of pavers, overlaps its predecessor by one-third its length, creating a slightly staggered look that shows some diversity, but is certainly not too busy.

Half Running Bond

The half running bond is commonly referred to simply as a running bond (many people put the stack bond in its own category). In a half running bond, each row of pavers overlaps the last row by half its length (or width). You commonly see this pattern in brick masonry, especially for vertical walls because it is the most structural approach. This, of course, does not apply to brick facades. For patio pavers, structure is not an issue, but style is. Half running bond patterns create a uniformity that comes with style - a very popular choice for pavers of any kind.

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