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Paving Stone Patterns: Herringbone

The herringbone pattern for laying pavers is quite common. Interestingly enough, this method has been patented, in a patent just issued on September 16, 2008. A description of this patent can be found at Patent Storm. While this article may be a bit technical for most readers, it provides detailed information that is very interesting and includes illustration.

The herringbone style gets its name from the bone of a herring – a spine with bones angling at 45 degrees, creating a visual “V” shape. Although the vertical “spine” is not used in paving, the way the pavers are laid in “V” formations is reminiscent of the classic herringbone style of weaving wool fabric, commonly used to make sports jackets.

Following are some useful links to illustrations of pavers laid in the herringbone style. Each of source provides visual examples of herringbone paving:

The Paving Stone Pattern Guide, a 58 page booklet produced by PaveLoc Industries, Inc., provides a wealth of information about paving patterns and styles. Herringbone patterns are pictured on many pages of this useful guidebook.

PaverSearch, an ever useful reference for all things to do with pavers, shows herringbone patterns that demonstrate how lively this paving pattern is, with its energetic, zig-zag flow.

Ideal Concrete Block Company, Inc. gives useful information and illustrations of the herringbone paving pattern. For instance, herringbone can be applied in both 45 and 90-degree patterns.

When you consult with potential contractors for your paving job, ask about their experience laying various patterns, such as the herringbone pattern. Be sure to choose a contractor who is familiar with the paving pattern you decide to use.

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