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Paving Stone Patterns: Basket Weave

According to About.com, “The basket weave pattern is essentially composed of pairs of bricks. Picture a square area in which 8 bricks are to be laid (2 columns and 2 rows, consisting of 4 pairs of bricks). The basket weave pattern would run as follows, starting from the upper left corner and ending at the lower right: 2 bricks standing vertically, 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks vertically.”

The basket weave pattern is frequently used on driveways, but has endless potential in other areas of the home. It can be applied to both level and angled ground. Those with a taste for Old World charm enjoy the textured look of basket weave pavers. This style works well with recycled or old bricks to bring out the rustic effect.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, here are some useful links to illustrations of basket weave pavers. Each one provides accompanying information:

The Paving Stone Pattern Guide, a 58-page booklet produced by PaveLoc Industries, Inc., provides a wealth of information about paving patterns and styles. Basket weave patterns are pictured on pages 2 and 19 of this useful guidebook.

PaverSearch, a very useful reference for all things to do with pavers. This website has useful information about different patterns for laying pavers, including doing so in the basketweave style.

Tile Tech Pavers is another source that shows the basket weave pattern for laying pavers. Although simple, the basket weave pattern is appealing visually and gives a classic simplicity to any paved surface.

When you hire a contractor to install pavers in a driveway or patio, he or she will discuss various patterns and styles of laying the pavers you choose. Ask your contractor about the basket weave pattern; this person should be an excellent source of practical information.

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