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Patio Pavers

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Patio pavers are specifically used for construction of any outdoor patio deck and are constructed from concrete, brick, and stone in an almost endless selection of colors, shapes, patterns and sizes. In fact, any type of paver may be used to build a patio.

Advantages of Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are growing in popularity because they are affordable, easy to repair, durable, attractive, require low maintenance, strong, easy to install, fast to service and flexible (can shift or move slightly as needed by extremes of weather, and so on). Their flexibility makes them better than poured concrete, which can crack.

The Versatility of Patio Pavers

In addition to the versatility of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes, most patio pavers have finishes that are slip resistant and extremely attractive. It is a good idea to look for pavers that are both safe and comfortable to walk on.

Patio Paver Shapes

While simple shapes like rectangular, oblong and square are the most often used for patio applications, there are other shapes that add more interest to a patio design, including triangular, octagonal, circular, half circular, irregular, zigzag, keyhole, diamond, fan, hexagonal, and combined shapes.

The only drawback to utilizing natural stone in a patio application is the lack of control over shape that is available in concrete or brick pavers. With concrete or brick, it is even possible to have shapes custom made just for your patio.

However, the benefit of irregular shapes is their application in historical or classical designs, or even to reutilize used pavers for green or sustainable building purposes.

Colors of Patio Pavers

Some of the almost limitless selection of colors that are available include chocolate brown, terracotta, sandy gold, rust, dusty grey, white pewter, forest green, chestnut red,

Please see separate articles about patterns and cost of pavers.

Patio Paver Installing Information

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