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Rubber Pavers: Applications, Benefits, and Maintenance

Rubber pavers are made primarily from recycled tire rubber. Highly durable, non-slip, and very low-maintenance, rubber pavers are used in settings where heavy use is anticipated. The safety benefit is perhaps this paving material’s most popular reason for being used, although its cost-effectiveness makes rubber pavers an appealing choice as well.


Rubber pavers are popular for both residential and commercial use. Rubber pavers’ versatility and inherent safety due to their non-slip quality make them a frequent choice for walkways, driveways, children’s play areas, and indoor sports rooms. Outstanding ability to withstand use and abuse gives rubber pavers a wide range of applicability in high traffic areas where traction underfoot is more important than usual; for example, in sports arenas, public promenades, and assisted living buildings’ common areas.


As noted in the applications segment, rubber pavers are unique in their safety feature of providing non-slip surfaces indoors and outdoors in any kind of weather. Rubber pavers also offer shock absorption, which is a rare quality in the world of flooring. Because they come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, rubber pavers can be used to create many different effects. They are easy to install and can be cut to size or purchased with an interlocking system.


Rubber pavers are low maintenance whether in indoor or outdoor settings. Because of the durability of rubber, these pavers will not break, chip, or crack. They are easy to clean, by methods such as damp-mopping, or, in the case of exterior installations, pressure-hosing.

Other Useful Information

As more and more people look for environmentally friendly building materials, rubber pavers are a responsible choice. Since they are produced from unused tires, these pavers are utilizing recycled materials. One source for rubber pavers cites that in California alone, 34 million tires are disposed of each year. When thrown away tires are diverted from landfills and turned into a viable product like rubber pavers, the benefits to the environment are clear.

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