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Colorful, Porous Sandstone a Popular Paving Choice

Sandstone is a naturally occurring stone that is formed by sand and sediments gathered in oceans, beaches, and rivers. Sandstone’s uniform texture and relative softness has made it a very popular choice in landscaping and a prominent material for natural paving stones.

Sandstone pavers come in a surprisingly wide array of colors. The more typical range is somewhat narrow—the classic sandy yellow to the slightly darker tan.
Yet sandstone options also include brown (as in brownstone), blue (as in bluestone) and even light pinks and greens.

Sandstone is a porous stone. Therefore its pavers allow water to percolate through them, meaning that sandstone pavers can handle large amounts of weather and water over long periods of time, translating into longevity of appearance, durability and versatility. Sandstone pavers are also easy to install and come in a wide range of dimensions.

Because sandstone ages so well, it is considered economically sound among its peers. Common applications include garden pathways, patio or deck flooring, and some wall features. The porousness of sandstone will make it prone to staining so sealing the surface is highly recommended.
Similarly to other stones, sandstone maintenance requires neutral cleaners, preferably those designed for sandstone or similar surfaces.



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