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Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper Patterns … So Many to Choose From!

Wallpaper is one of those products that can either look spectacular or simply awful. When you go shopping for wallpaper, you’ll soon find that there are an abundance of choices. Deciding which one will look the best for your interior design can be a complicated decision.

Wallpaper comes made out of many different materials and textures. Different materials work better for different rooms, but except for some of the paper varieties, most can be used anywhere. Choosing an appropriate pattern can be a bit more complicated.

Selecting a Pattern

When selecting a pattern, begin by choosing something that won’t overpower your room. More subtle patterns always blend better. You want wallpaper to provide a classy background and quiet design that isn’t the only thing that makes a statement in a room. Too many patterns are loud and can actually make a room seem smaller and closed in.

Damask wallpaper patterns are one option that can be used to create more of an elegant feel. These rich, woven patterns are similar to those used on furniture and draperies, and present more of a traditional classic look of floral arrangements and lacy fabrics.

Marble wallpapers are another unobtrusive option. They provide light background color and a delicate pattern. Then there are the more common floral patterns. These should be reserved for bathrooms and kitchens, instead of using them in large living areas.

Parchment wallpaper presents more of an old-fashioned appearance. Weave wallpapers are a completely different look altogether and create more of a natural feel. Then you have themed wallpapers. These work well in children’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Just as floral papers, these tend to look tacky when used in larger spaces, such as the family room.

Ultimately, your wallpaper pattern should reflect your personal taste. Just be cautious not to choose something that will go out of date quickly or that will not appeal to others if you decide to market your home. Request free estimates from skilled painting contractors in your area today.

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