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Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper Borders, Subtle Patterns Aren’t Outdated

Configuring your interior design is a complicated undertaking. Each home requires something a little different from the rest, and discovering just the right look for your home can take some searching and a skillful eye. Wallpaper borders have long been a way to add accents to painted or wallpapered walls.

What are they?

Wallpaper borders cover only a small portion of a wall instead of encompassing the whole room. They allow for you to add style and design to an otherwise barren wall. Normally, they are either placed at the top of the wall or in the center in a wainscoting effect. Borders can be compliments to other patterns of wallpaper, or can draw on another color in the room.

Should you use them?

Deciding where and what type of wallpaper to use in a house can be a bit tricky. Unless chosen carefully, many types of wallpaper can quickly become dated. In recent years, wallpaper borders haven’t been used very often in rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen. Subtle, wallpapers that cover the whole wall are used in bedrooms and other living areas, but wallpaper borders are currently considered outdated.

Where should you use them?

Wallpaper borders look appropriate above backsplashes in kitchens, or around the ceiling in a bathroom. They also look stylish adorning the top of a wainscoting effect. Bathrooms and kitchens are conducive to creating a theme; in other words, if your passion is tropical fruit, then it’s okay to draw that into your kitchen design. If you love seashells, then bring that pattern into your bathroom décor. However, these design concepts stop short of bedrooms and other living areas for the reasons we discussed above. That is not to say you cannot add a decorative border here or there, but just be cautious as to how it appears.

Wallpaper and wallpaper borders have come a long way from the floral prints we remember from our grandmother’s sitting room. You can also apply a decorative pattern using a stencil and paint. This can create almost the same appearance as a wallpaper border, and can easily be repainted if you don’t like the look. Request free estimates from a prescreened painting contractor in your area to dress up your walls.

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