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Trim Colors Complete the Look of your Painting Job

Repainting both the interior and exterior of your home can add much to your property value and the overall attractiveness of your house. One of the ways to really set-off the paint job is through the addition of accentuating trim colors. These accent colors can be used on trim around corners and windows, on shutters, post caps, and on doors. Choosing the right color is the key to completing your look, and some of the following tips will assist you in choosing those colors.

When choosing your color scheme it helps to see it exemplified beforehand, either in a painting brochure or on a neighboring home. Before choosing your paint, become more observant of popular color trends that you encounter in your day-to-day travels. If you notice a color scheme that you like, you can always contact the owner for the colors or try to match it as closely as possible. No matter how sure you are of your selection, it is recommended to paint a test patch to see how your colors tie together before purchasing all of your paint. Some paint stores can even electronically match a color chip if you can obtain it.

When selecting exterior trim colors, try to choose a color that is simply a darker shade in the same spectrum as the base color. If you are going to choose a drastically different color, it is better to use that one more for small accents. An example of this would be if you have a beige house color, a brown trim, and a deep green accent in key areas.

Choosing interior colors is quite simple as white is the most commonly used color. It even can be used in combination with wood. Most interior trim colors are semi-gloss or satin finish. This allows them to stand out from the wall color which is typically a flat finish, unless in a bathroom or kitchen.

Once you have selected your new paint colors, request free, no obligation estimates from pre-certified painting contractors in your area.

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