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Painting with the Satin Touch

If you’re buying a new house or remodeling an old one, adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior is a common, knee-jerk reaction. But finding the right paint for each room could make all the difference.

Satin is a good choice of paint to use for walls, window trim, and ceilings. It brightens any room with a touch of velvet luster and it’s easy to clean. It’s ideal for any room, with the exception of the kitchen and bath. A semi gloss is preferred in these rooms, as the finish stands up to moisture and cleaning better.

Application of satin can be done by brush or roller. Newer painting techniques use both a roller and a brush. The idea is this: let the roller get the paint on the wall or ceiling, then use your brush to whisk away the roller marks.

You can also put an additive in your paint (Floetrol/water base; Penetrol/oil base) that will keep the paint from drying as quickly. This way, you have time to fix the texture of the paint before it dries.

For those of you looking for a traditional interior painting method for ceilings, walls, and baseboards just follow this guide.

  1. Flat/ white on ceilings;
  2. Satin/ any color on walls;
  3. High gloss/ white on trim and doors.

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