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Glossy Paint, the Easiest to Clean, the Most Resistant to Stains

Gloss is the toughest of interior paint finishes, at least when it comes to stain resistance. It is the easiest of paint finishes when it comes to cleaning. That combo creates a low maintenance paint that is especially suited to high traffic areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and on highly susceptible materials like furniture, wainscoting, baseboards, and other woodwork.

The reflective quality of paint is called its sheen and a glossy, or high-gloss, finish has the highest sheen of any paint, resulting in a bright, easy-to-clean room. A downside, however, to glossy paint is that it will show imperfections on the wall surface more than other paints. So extra special care must be taken when preparing a wall for glossy paint. It will show preexisting fingerprints, sanding marks, and other blemishes. So while glossy finishes save cleaning time after painting, they require more beforehand – an important thing to remember.

It is important to note that gloss paint is not the only paint that utilizes gloss; it is simply the most glossy. Standard paints actually form a sort of spectrum with glossy paint at one end and flat on the other. In between working from glossy to flat are semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, and matte finishes. (Please note that these are not standardized and different manufacturers may have different names for their paint but all will follow this general hierarchy.)

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