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Faux Finish Replicates the Appearance of Marble, Wood, and Leather

Do you want to add some style to your wall color without bothering with wallpaper? Well, creating a faux finish might be just the look you are looking for.

The term “faux” actually means “fake.” The technique of applying faux finishes with paint is used to replicate the appearance of real materials such as wood, marble, clay, brick, and even leather. By applying these “fake” techniques, we can add style and texture with regular paint without the use of more expensive materials.

Some basic faux options include:

  • Sponging. Using a sponge, gently dab the glaze color onto your base color. Another way to sponge is to paint the wall a solid base color, followed by a solid glaze, and then dab off the portions of the glaze to create the faux appearance.
  • Ragging. A similar technique to the sponging method, except using a rag. You can work the rag to create whatever design you desire in the glaze.
  • Frottage. This method involves laying a plastic bag into the wet glaze and rolling over it with your roller.
  • Dragging. Dragging is accomplished by dragging a dry brush through the wet glaze.
  • Colorwashing­. This technique requires careful blending of two shades of glaze.
  • Sandwashing. Sandwashing entails using a special sandwash solution and applying with a special roller.
  • Venetian Plaster. This is a special plaster product that is applied with a trowel.
  • Crackle. Crackle is a special product that is applied over a base coat of paint.
  • Luminoso. Luminoso is also a special mixture that is painted over a base coat.
  • Pearlescent. A very textured design accomplished by using a special mixture and skillfully applying it with a brush.
  • Bellagio Faux. This is also a special mix that is applied over a base coat with a brush.

Why not add a unique and captivating style to your walls instead of sticking with the old standbys? Incorporating a faux technique into your painting project can accomplish that without a lot of time or expense. Faux painting does require a certain level of skill, and there are many courses offered to help you to learn the technique. If you want the help of a skilled professional, request free-estimates from licensed painting contractors in your area today.

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