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Eggshell Paint Covers Miscues for Low-Traffic Rooms

With the right interior paint, you can change a room dramatically, from hiding cracks and small imperfections to creating a striking wall design. Mastering the uses of textured paint can transform the interior of your home. Self texturing of walls and ceilings can bring a decorative relief to the interior. In the hands of the right person, combs and rollers can be used to create an artistic touch to the home.

Textured paint is specifically paint that will hold a design. This paint also takes a long time to dry, which helps when trying to create patterns or correct mistakes. Textured paint is made with woven fibers. This makes the paint a little more durable, that’s why it’s good for hiding hairline fractures in the wall or ceiling. Texturing generally flows well with wood or metal furniture.

Flat and matte finishes are great for walls or ceilings. These types of paint finishes have no real sheen when they dry, they’re the anti-semi gloss. Flat paints are great for covering painting miscues and for rooms with low traffic. These paints are not recommended for busier rooms of the house, like kitchens or baths.

Eggshell is also another name for this type of flat paint. When the paint dries it looks like the shell of an egg. Living rooms and bedrooms are ideal for this warm feel.

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