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Patch Wall Paint Requires the Blending

Patching up a paint job usually follows patching up some drywall. Patching, when it comes to painting, is simple, especially if one is lucky enough (or planned ahead) to have a little extra paint from the original painting extravaganza. Patching wall paint is all about blending.

For flat paints a patch, or touch up, should be easy, possibly dependent on the age of the paint. For gloss or semi-gloss paints, it is extremely difficult because the older paint will most certainly have faded and the patch will be fresh and thus stand out. Other reasons include different applicator (brush/roller) or, even though you managed to buy the same exact can, a paint company may have reformulated their product since the wall was last painted.

In most cases, you must decide whether to live with the imperfection or re-roll the entire wall. The latter is often the best bet if the patch is showing. You can at least try to feather out your brush strokes to try to blend the new finish with the old.

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