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Painting and Staining Your Deck, the Right Way

A wood deck is a big investment. It provides a place for outdoor relaxation, creates a centralized location for parties or barbeques, and adds value to the home. So why not add life to your investment? To preserve and add life to a wood deck, you must continue to maintain and protect it. This means adding a fresh coat of paint or stain about every four to five years.

For painting the deck, here are the key steps.

  • First clean and prep the wood. Use a pressure sprayer to knock out stains, old paint, and built-up dirt.
  • If mold is present, use bleach and water to eliminate it.
  • Remove any pop up nails and replace old, worn-out boards. Loose nails should be pulled out and replaced with longer nails.
  • Before you can start, make sure to sand down areas of paint that show flaking or bubbling. When you sand, go right down to the grain of the wood; this will help in the sealing process.

Now you’re ready to apply primer. Use a roller where you can and brush in the hard-to-reach areas. For the best results, apply two coats of primer before painting. Let the first coat dry for at least 24 hours, then apply the second; you’ll want to also check the weather forecast as well.

It’s time to paint. Make sure to use 100% exterior acrylic paint; latex will not last. Using lighter colors is best, since they don’t absorb as much heat. It’s a good idea to try to use flat paints, as these types of paint are moisture resistance.

Staining is the most popular way to keep your deck looking good for a long time. But it also takes a little more work.

  • Before applying sealer and stain, you’ll need to sand the entire deck. This can be a painstaking task, certainly you’ll want to buy, borrow, or rent a sander.
  • In order to keep the moisture out, every square inch of wood must be stripped.
  • Once you’ve completed the sanding portion, apply water sealant. The experts recommend using about 5 gallons of sealant.
  • Wait a day or two for the sealant to dry, and then apply the wood stain. Be liberal with the amount; 4-5 gallons of stain is what it should take.
  • Afterwards you’ll have a beautiful and long lasting wood deck.

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